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cBoards is a collaboration hub in healthcare, no matter what particular healthcare sector you’re in. It’s a place where communication happens, decisions and care plans are made, and where medical data is always at ones fingertips. With cBoards, you are better connected with care providers and patients.

Everybody benefits from cBoards

Getting all the right people involved has never been so easy!

Access to all healthcare professionals, efficient collaboration and always good insight into what is going on around a patient.

More self-management and participation in the care process, and access to your own medical data at all times.

Close contact with other care providers, more control over the care process and always a good overview of the overall patient situation.

cBoards makes you
want to work together

Boards, chats, lists and care plans enable you to organize and coordinate multidisciplinary care in a rewarding way you and your patients really deserve.

Crystal clear boards

Choose a theme-based multidisciplinary health record from our extensive cBoards library or compose one yourself.

Instant messaging

Non-patient related one-on-one and group messaging for healthcare professionals.

Relevant board chats

Keep everyone involved up-to-date and co-ordinate your collaboration via the chat in the board. Use personal tagging to address someone directly.

Flexible team formation

Create teams with colleagues or  with healthcare professionals from other organizations.

Spot on patient education

Configurable patient education, fully tailored for the different care themes.

Structured document sharing

Besides medical registrations, archive and share medical documents and photos in a structured way via a board.

Integrated care plans

Set up integrated, patient-oriented care plans that represent patients’ personal goals, resulting from a holistic approach.

Easy task co-ordination

Create and assign tasks, set evaluation dates, and easily monitor progress made.

Population management

Design patient lists to manage your patient population and create detailed data exports for smart analytics on care processes and outcomes.


A theme-based

Relevant medical data at a glance. Boards are predefined or can be composed to fit the particular care theme seamlessly. No more surplus medical info for you, your teammates or your collaboration partners! Also, only relevant participants get invited to join a board; so patient privacy assured!

Integrating is
what we do

No data exchange, no multidisciplinary collaboration. We are true integration geeks, getting crazy when it comes down to applying future proof standards. We make cBoards integrate with all relevant healthcare registration systems and apps. That’s what we love, and that’s what makes the life of a healthcare professional easier: Relevant data and apps brought together and ‘one-time registration, multiple use’.

A safe

Privacy and security of medical data are essential elements for cBoards to obtain a ‘license to operate’. Patient data are stored within each country’s territory, and cBoards is the first platform in healthcare that is built according to the principle of ‘Privacy by Design’.

How it works

  1. Start a board

    Choose a care theme from the cBoards library or compose a board yourself in just a few seconds.

  2. Invite to join board

    Invite relevant individuals and teams to join the board. Invitations can be sent based on e-mail address or via the cBoards address book.

  3. Share medical patient data

    Allow your medical patient data to be automatically imported in the board you started, and let everyone involved enrich the board with medical registrations that are relevant for your collaboration. 

  4. Discuss the situation

    Discuss the patient’s situation with the individuals and teams involved in the board and easily share each other’s expertise and insights. 

  5. Set up care plan & coordinate

    Work out a care plan together, that fits the specific patient situation. Define tasks, assign the responsible persons for those tasks and set evaluation dates. Then start coordinating and keep close contact with everyone involved in the board.

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Professionals from all kinds of healthcare organizations around the globe, big or small, have already made cBoards the place where their multidisciplinary work happens.

WHAT healthcare professionals, patients and informal caregivers SAY ABOUT US

With cBoards I can share very clear medical patient information with other healthcare professionals. It’s also a safe alternative to Whatsapp and e-mail.

Fieke van Genderen

For patients who want to gain insight into their disease and its course, and who want to build a healthy lifestyle, education is vital. cBoards is a handy application for this. Via cBoards, patients can view their measurement values ​​and retrieve information from informative sources. Patients can also communicate with me via cBoards and fill in questionnaires before they come to see me.

Yrsa Thieme
Physician assistant

With cBoards I can work together closely and efficiently with the general practitioners in the neighborhood regarding medication reviews. And I can also involve patients if required. cBoards saves time and is very user friendly.

Guy van Puijenbroek

I can use cBoards well for multidisciplinary care for the elderly in our neighborhood. It enables better collaboration, with short communication lines. You can share specific medical data or have it registered; cBoards ensures that everyone has the correct information. Besides that, cBoards is professional and safe.

Marijke Post
Physician assistant

Sometimes I have a question about my lung medication. Previously I waited too long to make an appointment. I make contact with my care provider much easier through cBoards.

Mr. Donkervoort

cBoards supports us enormously as informal caregivers. Caregivers and professionals can all read along, and all communication is kept in one place. A functional tool for when informal care starts to take important forms.

Jaap van Dam
Informal caregiver

With cBoards you can easily reach healthcare professionals and caregivers with a simple message in a secure online environment. It has become easy to keep each other informed, to ask questions, and to report problems. Everyone can read all relevant (medical) information in a board. Using cBoards increases the quality of care provided.

Margo Heijnen
Physician assistant

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